Rescue Bears: A Little Something to Hold Onto...

Re-cycle, Re-Invent, Re-Purpose to Bring New Life ...HOPE

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Re-cycle, Re-Invent, Re-Purpose to Bring New Life ...HOPE

Help IPMH Donate Rescue Bears to Middle Schools and Children Impacted by Trauma

Rescue Bears for Children and Teens

We all crave hope in times of darkness and hope usually manifest as a small thing, a kind word or helping hand that helps get us from one moment to the next. Positive Mental Health involves simple reminders of Who We Are, and Why Life Matters, and Why Your Life Matters!

Rescue Bears are made from the lone mismatched sock, useless, and tossed aside. We make Rescue Bears to give these lonesome socks an entirely new purpose and meaning. Rescue Bears are individually crafted and designed for the sole purpose of bringing comfort and joy, especially for youths and teens who may be lonely or going through a difficult time. And just like people, no two Rescue Bears are alike!

Institute for Positive Mental Health (IPMH) was founded in 1994 to help people with mental or physical disabilities return to work especially mothers who needed re-training to get jobs and become economically self sufficient. IPMH promotes positive mental health by helping push through their challenges, build self-esteem and confidence.

Danny is a 12 year old 7th grader who helped make and received a Rescue Bear. Danny says that "the bears are great for having something to fidget with or hold onto. I play with them and use them it to look at, to take breaks, and fidget around with it." Danny also says that "You can talk to it, share whatever you need to with the bear. Danny feels that kids with disabilities or kids that are having a rough time they could use them to make themselves feel better. They're really cute, nice and cuddly. And they're made from socks."